Local Community Support

Suicide Countermeasure Best Practice Database

A system that allows users to quickly and easily search for and refer to successful examples of local suicide countermeasures

The characteristics of suicides and the main contributing factors vary region by region, and as such local municipalities need to formulate measures that match local conditions, and plan and implement effective initiatives accordingly.

As part of its support for countermeasures launched by local governments, JSCP has created a web-based database of the best examples of suicide countermeasure projects in prefectures and municipalities throughout Japan.
https://jireidb.jscp.or.jp/(Japanese only)


Users can quickly and easily search and refer to succesful examples of suicide countermeasures by simply selecting the applicable criteria such as purpose, target, and budget. (The case study search can be narrowed down not only by keyword, but also by policy package classification, specific initiatives, target, budget, and municipal scale.

The database is updated yearly

The current Suicide Countermeasure Best Practice Database contains examples of local suicide countermeasure efforts collected from FY2012 to FY2016. JSCP is currently conducting a survey of successful initiatives for FY2017 and FY2018 for inclusion in the database. Due to COVID-19, conditions in a number of regions have changed dramatically, and the database will continue to be updated on a yearly basis in cooperation with Local Suicide Countermeasures Promotion Centers in prefectures and ordinance-designated cities.