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To realize a society where no one is driven to take their own life, it is important to devise suicide countermeasure policies based on evidence (EBPM*1).
The undertaking of JSCP is not confined to analyzing the conditions, causes, and latest tendencies of suicide. We publish “Suicide Policy Research,” an open access journal (free online academic journal) that covers the theme of suicide countermeasures comprehensively, in addition to implementing “Innovative Research Program on Suicide Countermeasures” which is a sponsored research project that gathers research from the public (e.g., practical research or policy research), allowing us to make policy recommendations on suicide countermeasures as soon as possible.
Moreover, we aim at becoming a worldwide promoter of suicide countermeasures by actively exporting our policies abroad: we annually hold the International Forum on Suicide Prevention Policy, and we share domestic suicide countermeasure policies to foreign countries as the WHO Collaborating Center.

*1 Stands for Evidence Based Policy Making. According to the Activity Policy of the Cabinet Office (2018), EBPM refers to the planning of a policy based on information or data (i.e., evidence) that is significantly relevant in measuring the effectiveness (of the policy) upon clarifying the purpose of the policy; rather than relying on one-off episodes.

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International Cooperation Projects

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