Local Community Support

Local governments are indispensable for realizing a society where no one is driven to suicide. Basic Act on Suicide Countermeasures states that every local government “is to lay down a plan for suicide countermeasures in their concerned district after considering their individual local situations,” as local governments are in a position to directly support the life and living of each citizen (Obligation of setting local suicide countermeasure plans).

JSCP supports local governments in various ways so that they can implement most effective and efficient suicide countermeasure (or comprehensive support to stay alive) plans.

Local Suicide Countermeasures Promotion Centers

Survey of Local Countermeasure Plan Implementation (for local governments)

Profiles of Suicides in Local Communities

Concierge for Local Government Supporters

Suicide Countermeasure Best Practice Database

Local Suicide Countermeasure Policy Packages (Examples of Communitiy Practices)

Online Training for Local Government Officials

Liaison Council and Regional Conference for Local Support Centers